The starting point

So, you are interested about the outward mobility opportunities offered by the ERASMUS+ programme, but where do you start? You will be an outward mobile student and you will either be studying at a 'host institution' for a minimum period of 3 months or working (a traineeship) at an 'enterprise' for a minimum period of 2 months. For clarification, an 'enterprise' can be a school, university, industry, commercial business etc.The document you can access through this link refers to both types of mobility and is critically important to your preparation for studying abroad as it highlights key issues that you must be aware of and deal with during your mobility period. You must read and understand this document, it is the ERASMUS+ guide for students of session 2017/2018, take action where required and meet the deadlines that are highlighted. UWS staff are able to help you prepare for your mobility and support you whilst you are away. However, you must understand that undertaking the mobility is your responsibility and, therefore, you must ensure that all paperwork is completed and any other actions that must be taken are done timeously. I am going to take you through the process from you making your initial application to study abroad with ERASMUS+ to completing your mobility and returning back to Scotland and UWS. Along the way, we will point you to the key paperwork that you must complete, provide additional information and point you to additional resources where necessary. I do understand that it is a lot to read but help is there each step of the way from staff at UWS and the international office of your chosen host institution.

Next, I would suggest you read the document Your rights as a mobile student, by clicking here. It is not a very lengthy document and it sets out clearly what you can expect when you move for study or training purposes within any of the EU and EEA countries. It is mostly for reference purposes and you will always be able to find it in this page.

The final document you should aware of, is the ERASMUS+ Student Charter. This document highlights your rights and obligations and tells you what you can expect from the UWS School of Business & Enterprise and the receiving institutions/organisations, at each step of your ERASMUS+ experience.

Hopefully, you have not changed your mind after reading all the above documents and you wish to proceed with this life-changing experience. Go onto the Expression of Interest page for the timeline that will see you successfully studying either for a full academic year or one semester at one of our partner institutions.

The following short presentation gives you a brief (3') insight into the ERASMUS+ programme for the period 2014-2020. It is unclear if it will be extended, so grab the opportunity while you can, especially as it is unclear at this stage what Brexit will mean for Scottish students and outward mobility.