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Every year, I welcome to the University West of Scotland's School of Business and Enterprise (SB&E) exchange students from partner institutions across Europe, the USA and other parts of the world such as Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, China, Myanmar, Siberia and Seychelles. The strong links that have developed with partners and the significant numbers of their students who have successfully studied at UWS ensure that prospective exchange students will have a rewarding and exciting experience in Scotland.

The main campus of the University is in the town of Paisley, just 5' by car from Glasgow airport and no more than 12' by train from Glasgow city centre. The campus houses the Principal's suite and the headquarters of all its Schools and service departments. A quick tour of the town can be seen below.

Students can apply to the School either as (i) non-graduating ERASMUS+ students for one or two semesters or (ii) as graduating ERASMUS+ students. Those applying under (i) above, should use the direct on-line application You can also use this application if you are applying under (ii) above and you are only applying to UWS. In other words, applicants that are non-ERASMUS+ who are applying to UWS only as well as those that are ERASMUS+ applying for just one trimester, should use the direct on-line application form, making clear what they are applying for. ERASMUS+ non-graduating students who would like to take postgraduate modules (where allowed), should apply for 'international undergraduate' and we will choose the modules when completing the Learning Agreement.

If you are applying to other Universities as well, you should apply via the UCAS scheme; further information can be found by clicking here. You should note, however, that as a result of Brexit you can only be nominated to one University, so this option does not really exist any more.