Nominations & Applications

Under the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with the EU, the UK will continue to participate in the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes (2014-2020). This means that projects successfully bid for during the 2014-2020 cycle will continue to receive EU funding for the full duration of the project, including those where funding runs beyond 2020. UWS still have such KA103 project funding until May 2023 and will continue to actively engage with Erasmus+ partners in the exchange of students and staff in this funding period. However, BREXIT has already impacted Scottish Universities with the withdrawal of funding to support inward mobility. As UWS, and particularly the School of Business & Creative Industries (BCI), has been a very significant acceptor of inward mobile students, is no longer possible to accommodate as many students as before due to the significant cost in doing so. You should contact your institution's International Centre for information on how many applicants we are able to accept.

The last two academic years have been an extremely difficult due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and institutional involvement in the Erasmus+ programme across Programme and Partner countries has been one of many areas that have been adversely affected. Sadly, normal mobility within KA103 has not happened to the same extent as in previous years. At UWS, we hope that 2022/23 may see a return of mobility and this section provides some background for the nomination of students to study at UWS for one term or one academic year. As ever, we will be delighted to welcome you and are sure that you will have the full academic and cultural experience that UWS and the School of BCI can offer.


Would you please note the following points regarding the nomination of students and, especially, key dates.

  • UWS have 4 academic schools with the key contact being:

Nondas Pitticas

Business and Creative Industries (Business)

Allan Dumbreck

Business and Creative Industries (Media)

Santiago Matalonga

Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences (Computing)

Cristina Rodriguez

Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences (Engineering)

Carlos Garcia Nunez

Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences (Physical Sciences)

Laurence Giraud Johnstone

Education & Social Sciences (Education & Languages)

Diarmuid McDonnell

Lesley Calderwood

Heather Myles

Education & Social Sciences (Social Sciences, Psychology, Criminal Justice)

Caroline Miller

Health & Life Sciences (Health)

Richard Thacker

Health & Life Sciences (Life Sciences)

Vish Unnithan

Health & Life Sciences (Sport)

Each School's Global Opportunities Coordinator can guide you through the process of nomination, application and ensuring that your academic requirements are met whilst at UWS, regulated by the Learning Agreement.

You will find the UWS term dates for academic year 2022/23 in the [Academic Calendar] page but would stress that the 4 schools that constitute UWS have a degree of flexibility (within the enclosed term dates) as to when their teaching commences/concludes/what their examination period is etc. The respective schools will give guidance on their specific dates nearer the point of arrival of your nominated students.

Applications should be submitted by 10th June 2022 for Semester 1 (Winter) and 28th October 2022 for Semester 2 (Spring) entry.


We understand that International Coordinators and students may have many questions and in the first instance please review our Erasmus+ Guide for Incoming Students 2022/2023 which can be sent on request by a partner institution's International Coordinator. This can also be found on our website via the following link:

You will find below an Erasmus Application Guide which will assist you in submitting your application successfully.

An updated General Visa Guide for EU Students July 2021 may be useful to all students. Updates to this document can be accessed via the University's website:

Students studying at UWS for more than 6 months will be required to apply for a Student Visa. You will find below a copy of the Student Visa Guide January 2021 for your attention. Students will also be charged an additional sum known as the Immigration Health Surcharge. This will entitle you to receive health care under the National Health Service (NHS). The surcharge is £470 per year of visa granted. If your visa includes part of a year that is six months or less you will be charged an additional £235. You can use the Immigration Health Charge tool on the Home Office website to check how much you will be charged: Calculate Immigration Health Surcharge - GOV.UK (

Teere is also a wealth of information via the UWS website. You can find further information and guidance in relation to COVID-19 via the following link: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information | University of the West of Scotland (

ERASMUS Applications

1. Go to

2. Select ‘Find a Programme’ from the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Enter part of/the full name of the programme (e.g. Erasmus or Business etc) you will be applying to in the ‘Programme Name’ field and click ‘Search’.

4. Selecting a programme:

If you are intending to study for two trimesters, full-time study, search for the subject or programme title, if known, for example, Business & Marketing.

If you are intending to study for one trimester, part-time study, please search for:

§ Erasmus Business & Creative Industries (UG)

§ Erasmus Education & Social Sciences (UG)

§ Erasmus Health & Life Sciences (UG)

§ Erasmus Computing, Engineering & Physical Sciences (UG)

5. Please select the year of entry, for example, Year 3 for DUT applicants. If you are unsure, please enter Year 1 and the point of entry will be confirmed in offer email.

6. From the options listed, choose ‘Apply’ for the programme you wish to apply to.

7. The next step is to select the mode of study, campus and start date that you wish to apply to:

Mode of study:

FT: two trimesters

PT: one trimester



Start dates:

Semester 1 commences September and ends in December

Semester 2 commences in January and ends in May

Once you have selected your options, press ‘Confirm’.

8. On the next page, you will be asked if you have used our online application system before. If you have not used our application system before, select ‘No’, and you will then be asked to:

§ create an ID

§ choose a pin number (6 digit for example 123456)

§ enter and confirm your email address – please ensure your email address is correct as any correspondence from UWS will be sent to this email address.

Select ‘Confirm’ after you have entered these details and you will then be taken to the online application.

9. Page one will ask you to provide your personal details, qualifications, etc. Please make sure you complete all the required fields. (These will be indicated with a red asterisk *).

10. Page two will ask you to confirm that are applying from an ‘Agent or Educational Partner’ and as you are applying through an Erasmus partner please select ‘yes’ and then select the country which will then provide a drop-down menu of partners for you to select.

If the name of your educational partner is not listed, please leave this blank and enter a note in the application indicating where you are currently studying

11. You will also be asked to confirm whether you intend to graduate from UWS with an award from UWS and if you are an Erasmus/Exchange student.

§ If you are intending to study for two trimesters, please select yes.

§ If you are intending to study for one trimester, please select no.

12. Immigration and Visa Guidance for EU students

If you are planning to study at UWS including nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, then you may need to apply for a visa before travelling to the UK. The type of visa you require will depend on the course of study that you have chosen:

§ One trimester: short term visitor visa

§ Two trimesters: student visa (Tier 4).

There is lots of information on our website ranging from visa guides to the types of question that are asked at a credibility interview.

13. Once you have completed every section, make sure to ‘Submit your application’ – your application will be received by us the following morning, at which point you will receive an email confirming your UWS Student ID.