End of Mobility at UWS

You must attend to a number of obligations, before you leave the University at the end of your mobility. These obligations vary depending on the mobility scheme you joined us under, the requirements of your home institution and any funding you may receive from an organisation in the home country. In general, however, you must attend to these matters.

Leaving certificate

If you are an ERASMUS+ student, you will have been given such a document either from your home institution and/or a funding organisation that may have awarded you a bursary. You must make arrangements to come to my office for the signing of this document, no more than 5 days before the day of departure (see home page for specific dates). In days or times of absence, you will be directed to other authorised personnel via (i) my daily tweets that can also be seen on the home page of this website and (ii) postings on my office door. As I must physically see you before departure, any such documents either left under my office door or e-mailed at a later stage, will simply be ignored.


These will be posted to your home address by Student Services. If they do not arrive for whatever reason, do not write to myself for a copy, just visit https://www.uws.ac.uk/current-students/supporting-your-studies/student-records/statements-and-transcripts and complete the requisite form. Prior to either receiving or requesting transcripts, you should be able to log onto your Banner record and see the marks you have gained; these will be, of course, provisional until approved by the very next Subject Panel (Examination Board). There are normally three such Panels every year, in January, May and August.

Graduation/Further study

If you are eligible to graduate, in other words you studied the whole of the third year, you will receive correspondence during the summer asking your intentions. You will have the option to either graduate with a BA Business (or any other) Degree or remain for a further year with the intention to graduate with a BA(Hons) Business (or any other). It is absolutely essential that you return that form to the University. If you intend to graduate, you will receive further instructions in mid-October with details (i) payment of the £40 graduation fee (ii) in person or in absentia (iii) the campus you will graduate from and and (iv) how you will receive the parchment. It is important to understand that you cannot receive your parchment if you have not been included in any of the graduation lists. For every campus, there are normally two graduation ceremonies, one in July and one in November every year. If you miss any of the above procedures, you should write to graduationenquiries@uws.ac.uk

If you intend to undertake a postgraduate program either at UWS or at another institution, you must graduate with the undergraduate Degree and then submit a separate application for the postgraduate program. If you are not sure about the necessary steps, come and talk to me, I will guide you accordingly.