Outgoing FAQs

What funding will I receive?

The University will fund only one semester of your mobility at the rate of approx. 285€ per month (for session 2016/2017), payable for 4 months. If you intend to embark on a longer mobility, you must fund the other semester yourself. Depending on the volume of applicants, however, it is possible that the allocated budget may allow the funding for a longer than a semester period. This will not be known, however, until nearer the time of departure.

What about my SAAS and/or Student Loan?

None of those are affected, you will continue to be an enrolled student of UWS, but for all intends and purposes you will be studying at one of our external campuses.

What about insurance?

You will be fully covered for the duration of your study abroad. Details will be explained during the first meeting you will be invited to by our International and Health& Safety Offices. As far as medical cover is concerned, you should make sure to apply and receive the EHIC card (http://www.gov.uk/european-health-insurance-card) prior to your departure.

I want to study abroad for two semesters, but the institution I have chosen does not have adequate number of suitable modules. Is there a way round it?

Of course. There is nothing to stop you to study at two institutions, either in the same or different countries. A large number of students have taken this route.

How many modules do I need to study?

As the credit value of modules varies from institution to institution, we do not count in number of modules, we count in ECTS (European Credit Transfer Scheme). 1 ECTS = 2 Scottish credits. This means, that a typical UWS module of 20 SCQF credits, is worth 10 ECTS. As not many EU institutions offer such heavy-credit modules (the average value is 4-6 ECTS), you will most likely need to study 4-6 modules per semester, making a weekly class-contact workload of around 20-25 hours.

Can I engage in mobility during my Honours year?

Unfortunately, not. The University has a mechanism to import credit only and not marks. As the Honours Degree is a classified one and marks cannot be imported, it follows that study mobility is not possible. An internship, however, after the end of your studies, is a distinct possibility.

What happens at the end of my mobility?

You must make arrangements for the receipt of authorised transcripts. These can sent to me either in digital or hard copy form and must reach me not later than the 14th August. I will then present my report to the Progression and Awards Board (PAB) and after the approval of the credits you earned, you will be able to enrol and proceed to the next level of your studies. Please note that no matter when the on-line enrolment opens for continuing students, you will not be able to enrol until a few days after the PAB. The Business School office will be able to advise the exact date this PAB takes place (for example, Wednesday 16th August 2017 for all mobilities of academic session 2016/17.

I am about to go on mobility. Should I enrol before I leave?

Yes, you should enrol like all other students as normal. Once you have reached the host institution, I will amend your enrolment according to the length of stay. I will delete either the T1 or T2 or T1+T2 codes and I will add the appropriate ERASMUS code. If you are a level 8 student taking any of the core modules in distance learning mode (Business Research Skills, Researching Marketing Tourism and Enterprise, Legal Research Skills) I will enrol you with the appropriate CRN (Course Reference Number). For the avoidance of any doubt, you must enrol first yourselves once the on-line enrolment, as per normal practice, before I am able to modify the CRNs.