My daily diary

I will make a conscious effort to publish here my daily commitments. You should appreciate, however, that my diary changes constantly and that I may not be able to update it on time. In such instances, you should consult both my daily tweets and the whiteboard on the door of my Paisley office G311 in Gardner Building. When no appointment or seminar, in whatever colour, is shown, it means that I am free and available to any visitor. You should note, however, that my working hours are 08:45-17:00 Monday-Friday, so un-shaded slots outwith these times do not mean that I am available. Furthermore, appointments or other commitments at our other campuses, will involve a travel time of either one or two hours which may not show as un-availability. For example, a Hamilton appointment at, say, 10:00, does not mean that I am available at Paisley for 09:30 because the slot shows un-shaded. NOTE these arrangements are suspended due to the COVID pandemic. All my meetings are held by remote means, you will have to consult my availability first and then e-mail a request with at least two alternative dates and/or times.