UWS matters

The School of Business and Enterprise welcomes inward and outward mobility of students and staff to/from some 95 partner institutions in Europe and around 15 international ones.  


Contact details for problems with information services (e.g. your e-mail account) 

Network password
Your network password allows you to access PCs and thin client devices on campus.  Password initially is in a 10-digit alphanumeric format UWSddMmmyy, for example UWS05Sep16.  This password must be changed on initial login and every 180 days thereafter.

Student e-mail
  • student365mail.uws.ac.uk
  • Username is: bannerID@studentmail.uws.ac.uk, for example B00123456@studentmail.uws.ac.uk
  • Password initially is: UWS plus your date of birth in the format ddMmmyy, as described above.  Network passwords and student mail passwords are the same initially but do not sync, therefore, when you change one it does not automatically change the other.
Self-service network password reset
  • sspassword.uws.ac.uk
  • a self-service profile must be created first
  • username is: uws-student\followed by your Banner ID (e.g. uws-student\B00123456)
  • password is: your network password (above)
Moodle-virtual learning environment (VLE)
  • moodle.uws.ac.uk
  • username is your Banner ID
  • password initially is in the 10-digit alphanumeric format UWSddMmmyy (as above)

Self Service Banner - enrolment, examination results and other personal documents
  • ssb.uws.ac.uk
  • username is your Banner ID and must have a capital 'B'
  • PIN is your date of birth as a 6-digit number,i.e. ddmmyy (e.g. 150598)
For your own security you should reset all passwords on first login

On-line print credit

Wireless access guidelines