Academic calendar

Over the summer (or autumn, if coming for the Spring semester only) months you will receive from the University's central administration the programme of events during the induction (orientation) week.  You are reminded that all EU and ERASMUS+ Exchange students must attend the following events, when I will have the opportunity to meet you personally, sign your arrival certificates and/or learning agreements and outline the many very important details that are relevant for this group of students.  


The detailed timetable for each module can be found by clicking here Enter the module code and make sure you select the weekly view and move the calendar forward to beginning of October.  As demands for resources and delivery are prepared over the summer months, the timetables will be populated with live data sometime in September, significantly later than normally due to COVID-19 implications. An attempt will be made, however, to have published here as early as possible at least the list of the modules likely to be delivered.

Academic session 2020/2021 

Applicants or potential nominees should visit this section at regular intervals for further updates and any other changes that will affect the admission and arrival cycles.  New students of the School of Business & Creative Industries must arrive at the latest by Sunday 20th September 2020 if a 14-day quarantine period is still compulsory in Scotland. Details about the compulsory induction (orientation) will be published at a later date at the end of this academic calendar listing, it will take place week beginning Monday 28th September. IMPORTANT NOTE: the following dates apply only to the School of Business & Creative Industries; other Schools may operate on a different academic calendar.  Numerous welcoming events are organised, however, by the University's central services during week beginning Monday 28th September.

Fall trimester - Week beginning...


28th September                Induction and welcoming week-central University services, details will be published on


28th September                Induction/orientation week-School of Business & Creative Industries, details will follow in section below

Monday 5th October         Fall trimester T1 teaching commences (11 weeks)

Monday 21st December   Start of Christmas break


Saturday 2nd January        End of Christmas break

Monday 4th to

Friday 8th January             Student support/reflection

Monday 11th January        Fall trimester T1 continues (2 weeks)

Saturday 23rd January      End of Fall trimester

Monday 25th to

Friday 29th January          Inter-term break

Spring trimester - Week beginning...

Monday 1st February        Induction week/First teaching week (9 weeks)

Monday 5th to 

Saturday 17th April          Spring break

Monday 19th April            Spring trimester T2 continues (2 weeks)

Monday 3rd to

Friday 7th May                 Student support/reflection

Monday 10th May            Spring trimester T2 continues (2 weeks)

Saturday 22nd May         End of Spring trimester

The University will be closed on the following dates

Thursday 24th December 2020 - Monday 4th January 2021

Friday 2nd April 2021 - Good Friday (Public Holiday)

Monday 5th April 2021 - Easter Monday (Public Holiday)

Monday 31st May - Spring Bank Holiday (Public Holiday)


Monday 31st May             Summer trimester T3 commences (13 weeks)

Saturday 28th August       End of summer trimester T3

Monday 30th August to

Friday 3rd September       Inter-term break

Academic session 2021/2022

Monday 6th September    Fall trimester T1 commences

Induction/Orientation and enrolment days for September 2020 - compulsory attendance

There are may be other events organised  during the induction and welcoming week, some organised centrally by different units/departments of the University and other events organised for students attending the School of Business and Creative Industries (BCI). It must be noted that the School of BCI operates a different academic calendar from other Schools in the University.  Students arriving for the Fall semester, are either programmatic (graduating) supported either by SAAS or the ERASMUS+ exchange program or non-graduating students attending only the Fall trimester, picking modules across programmes and levels and supported exclusively by the ERASMUS+ program.


Full induction/orientation program to be published here in early September 2020

ITDS (Information Technology and Digital Services) at Induction Week

During Induction week, ITDS will be out on both the Paisley and Lanarkshire campuses ready to answer quick questions. Although they will be around for induction week, the department will also be providing drop in sessions for students and staff in the following weeks to share more about some of the exciting products that have been developed. Even though they will be answering questions that new students have, they will also be on campus to answer any questions from staff.  Why not pop down and see them?