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UPDATE, 5th July 2021

Dear ERASMUS student,

I understand that you have concerns with regard to attending campus during the Fall semester (T1) and possibly wish to study remotely while in Scotland. UWS is looking to provide activities and learning sessions on one day a week for each programme. Timetables are being finalised for each programme at the moment but it is our intention to ensure all students have a meaningful on campus experience with the opportunity to engage with key staff and classmates in a safe environment. Attending the campus physically will be beneficial to your studies. It will enable you to meet staff and classmates, have a coffee in The Hub, use the library and to make use of other facilities. The University has now deemed that hybrid teaching will be the expected mode of delivery during the forthcoming academic year. 

The University is committed to delivering an outstanding hybrid learning experience and staff have been working hard over the last few months to prepare for teaching in both an online and face-to-face environments. You will be able to contact staff via usual channels such as email and various digital platforms such as MS Teams, GoogleMeet, Zoom and MyUWS. We will do our best during this difficult time to support your learning journey and to ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed. 

As the situation surrounding coronavirus changes in the coming weeks and months we will continue to communicate with you and update you on developments relating to your studies and campus access. If you have any questions at any point please reach out via e-mail and I will do my best to answer these. If you prefer to chat over a video-conference call, please do let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements. Before doing so, however, do check my daily availability here.

Best wishes, Nondas Pitticas

UPDATE, 6th July 2021

All students of the School of BCI arriving in SEptember, must retain a scanned copy of their flight to Scotland. Also, Learning Agreements and Arrival Certificates can only be dealt with in .docx format, unfortunately no other format can be accepted. Please note that the boarding pass must accompany the Arrival Certificate, otherwise we will not be able to sign the latter. You should also note, that due to a technical problem with the Erasmus Dashboard, I am unable to process an OLA.

UPDATE, 8th July 2021
Important announcement for ERASMUS+ students. The list of modules available to the ERASMUS+ non-graduating students who will study at the School of Business & Creative Industries in either the Fall trimester (Sep2021-Jan2022) or the Spring semester (Jan-May 2022, has now been published. There is a short turn-around period for the completion and signing of Learning Agreements, do read carefully all details published in the Choosing Modules page. 

Learning Agreements: arrangements for the officiation of these documents and the arrival certificates will be published not later than mid-September. In making these arrangements, we will take into consideration quarantining period of those students arriving from affected countries.




                                                              On-line enrolment and registration for new students will take place during the induction days.
                                                                                                                      Paisley campus on-line

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Welcome to Scotland...Scotland Visitor Guide with National Map on www.welcometoscotland.com

Bienvenue en Ecosse...Guide pour les Visiteurs avec Carte Nationale sur www.bienvenueenecosse.com 

Willkommen in Schottland...Tourismus-fuhrer mit Landkarte von Schottland auf www.willkommenschotland.com          
Benvenuti in Scozia...Guida Turistica con Mappa Nazionale sopra www.welcometoscotland.com 

Bienvenidos a Escocia...Guia de Visitantes con Mappa Ncioanal en www.welcometoscotland.com     
You will also find additional information on www.visitscotland.com           

Union[s] Européennes: a mural in Montparnasse station in Paris celebrates couples who met through an Erasmus programme!

See below an article in the France Ireland chamber of commerce about the expo. A reunion of these first 18 European alumni took place at the Paisley campus of the University on Friday 23rd June 2017



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