Expression of interest

The University's International Office organises information roadshows at all our campuses throughout the academic year and at least once per semester.  These are well publicised and you should visit the stand (normally located outside the respective Student Link areas) if you are attending the campus on that particular day.

One way or another, you will be directed to myself as the School's ERASMUS+ Coordinator, so you should e-mail me on and request an appointment.  When doing so, it is best to suggest 2 or 3 alternative dates and/or times, I will try my best to match my other commitments with your suggested availability.  To make matters easier for yourself, you can see my daily availability by following me on @NonPitt or click on <My daily diary> tab above.

As from session 2015/2016, the University operates a single date of finalising outward mobility arrangements, for that session the deadline was 15th April 2016 for all mobilities during session 2016/2017; similar arrangements are anticipated for 2017/2018, meaning that the deadline will be Friday 13th April 2018.  So what must have happened by that date?  We should have had an initial interview, I normally start this cycle in early October.  During that interview we will discuss the length of your mobility, identify suitable hosting institutions and I will sign off a form indicating initial approval of your mobility; this form is an essential requirement for all your correspondence an communication with the UWS International Office that handles the funding side of the mobility .  You will have to research the suitability of the modules on offer at your chosen institution(s) and discuss those during our second interview that will take place between early February 2017 and 14/4/17.  Once this second cycle is complete, I will nominate you to the host institution(s) and we will complete an initial Learning Agreement, see above tab Out-going Exchange/Finalising choices(s) for more details.

A very important note.  Most host institutions have a nomination period of October for Spring semester mobility and mid to late-April for Fall semester mobility.  The earlier we finalise your choice(s), the more options will be open to you.